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How Not to Worry About The Electricity Bills Anymore?

According to research, an average household has around 13 electronic appliances. Only thirty years ago this number was four. However, we still use more or less the same amount of energy as three decades ago, mostly because of the gadgets becoming more energy-efficient. 

However, the price of electricity constantly keeps rising and there is always some room to save energy and money on the way. Here are a couple of tips on how to use less energy and stop worrying about your electricity bills. 

electricity bills

Recognize the Energy Drainers

To start effectively saving the energy inside your house, you need to recognize the biggest energy drainers. Statistically, heating and cooling account for 47% of your bill, washers, dryers and water heater use 14% of your electricity. 12% of your total energy use is lighting, and smaller appliances make up the rest of your electricity bill. 

Of course, you can’t stop heating or water consumption. However, once you know the appliances you should focus on, lowering your electricity bill becomes so much easier. 

Replace Your Bulbs

Now that you know what kind of devices contribute to the highest electricity usage, it is time to reduce energy waste in your house. An excellent idea you can start with is to replace the traditional bulb with LED bulbs, which are far more energy-efficient and can offer a better quality of light as well. There are many products you can choose like led strips or led extrusion. Once you have upgraded your lighting, you will see a significant decrease in your energy bills, especially during winter, when you are more artificial light-dependent. 


You probably don’t know that even when you don’t use a particular device and it is still plugged in, there is still some electricity wasted maintaining the “standby” mode. Take a look at all the items you have plugged in and unplug those that you don’t currently use. Leave your fridge plugged, of course, but other than that everything that is not turned on right now needs to be unplugged.  

Invest in Efficient Appliances

You might be tempted to replace your appliances for new, more energy-efficient models straight away, and it is an excellent idea, but maybe not everything at once. If you have old equipment that needs replacement or an upgrade, always go for appliances that will help you save some electricity. With new appliances, you can wait a bit, or sell them for a good price and then invest in more efficient equipment. 

Wash Clothes at a Lower Temperature

Another great trick to decrease your electricity bill is to wash your clothes at a lower temperature. A washing machine spends the most energy on heating up the water. Washing at 30 degrees Celsius instead of 40 can save you around 10 pounds on your annual energy bill.

Smart Power Strips to the Rescue

If you don’t have the time to monitor your electricity usage and check every device around the house daily, then smart power strips are the solution you are looking for. They are basically a way to shut off the power to electronic devices when they are not in use. Such smart strips can be even set to turn off at a prespecified time and during periods of inactivity thanks to remote switches.

Final Thoughts

Wasting less energy means a lower electricity bill. Use all the tips mentioned above and stop worrying about your bills. By saving energy, you will save some money and contribute to the survival of our planet; a win-win situation.