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Did you fill up on vitamin D during your holidays?

We hope that you have been getting plenty of sunshine during this summer period, which will soon be over. The sun is indeed an indispensable element in the synthesis of vitamin D, which is necessary for the bones.

Sportsmen and women who are deficient in vitamin D

At present, deficiencies in this vitamin are tending to become widespread throughout the world. Our current lifestyles leave less and less room for life in the open air. Although intense exposure to the sun can have harmful consequences for the skin, it is necessary to expose oneself (without necessarily acting like a lizard!) to the sun 2 to 3 times a week, for 5 to 30 minutes (depending on the season) during the hot hours, in order to promote the synthesis of vitamin D.

Although everything suggests that sportsmen and women are relatively spared from these deficiencies because of their lifestyle, studies show that this is not the case. These deficiencies can be accompanied by poor bone health and even immune and muscular disorders. Sportsmen and women should also think about exposing themselves to the sun to keep their bones healthy. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to have a medical check-up and possibly consider supplementation of vitamin D.